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Welcome to Qiu Science! Telling stories about coding and science. From earth to the edge of the universe 🌏 🪐

my blog…

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is really my first 2021 blog! Until now I am still learning to write on a blog. Maybe I’m going to move the domain to a more meaningful name.

Or take another one with the same niche and domain name, and focus on one niche only. Currently, still talking about mixed niches because I am still looking for interest and don’t know which one is the most fun to write about.

This domain has been used for other things before. And now I also use it for my backend services. But I hope you don’t ask what qarao.com means because I don’t know either LOL!

I took q from the first letter of qarao, so I named this blog qiu. Don’t take it too seriously… just have fun and enjoy, all content is based on facts here, at least from learning.

my content…

This blog has 3 categories and 1 special page. DEV for development; ENV for the environment; and… HOW for the how-to.

The App section has only contained a landing page for simple web-based software, aka tools or mobile apps.

DEV for development contains software development or coding. Although not always coding.

Sometimes there are also discussions about sysadmins, databases, or other stories associated with informatics/computer science.

ENV for the environment contains things related to the technology that is in our environment.

ENV category also tells some stories about scientific events on earth to the space theory and space exploration. Contemplating on science to admire The ultimate creator of the universe.

ENV also for the go-green campaign to save the earth (*maybe LOL! So I’m talking about Orcas, oceans, plastic waste, and so on.

HOW for how-to contains tips or easy ways that I’ve experienced or from scientist’s research.

HOW also contain insights from various sources to make life easier at least in certain cases.

my disclaimer…

I am not a scientist, but a fan of scientists. The content of this blog is based on my learning outcomes, experiences, and my career in the field of informatics engineering.

And.. sorry for my bad English, I am a non-native speaker, but pretty good right? 😀 What do you think? Actually, I just wrote this page and without my knowledge, it turns out that my paragraphs are getting more and more.

Flowing naturally without my knowing it. I often add content to my existing stories and revise them several times according to facts to get a deeper explanation without changing the title.

my contact…

Currently, you can contact me via the email below, we can discuss later using the chat if needed. Or… follow my Twitter and Facebook

If you have an idea and want to discuss it with me or ask about something … you can send a message through this address. This email is only for receiving because my server has an open port limit.


Have a nice day!

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