The Earth Is Flat But How Do Other Space Objects Look Like?

If I remember 2 years ago it’s funny because, in my opinion, I believe the earth is flat. I’ve seen it from...

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If I remember 2 years ago it’s funny because, in my opinion, I believe the earth is flat. I’ve seen it from the flat-earth YouTube channel whose explanation is quite convincing and makes sense.

But my belief is flat earth didn’t last long, maybe only one month when the flat earth topic was viral at the time.

My 2 Questions

But for me, there are still 2 things about the flat earth. They didn’t answer and gave me a rational explanation:

  • How do we get satellite photos?
  • How do other space objects form?

They explain rationally everything that happens in the universe such as a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, south pole, earth’s north pole, different constellation shapes, different time zones, etc.

CGI (computer-generated image) ?

However, if they cannot answer, they will definitely say that it is an engineering and computer-generated image (CGI) or a conspiracy of global elites that only prioritizes profit. They said NASA already knew about this, but they were hiding it from the public.

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OK, I’m sure the Earth is flat, but how do we get satellite photos? And they answered using a drone. I think it doesn’t make sense, how many drones do we need to fly to get satellite photos? And how high will the drone be when we do it?

Drone Limitation

I think the drone has limitations, and so does the camera. That’s why I doubt their explanation. That’s why I also think it doesn’t make sense.

How to get satellite photos like Google Earth? Again surely they say that everything is just the engineering of the global elite 😀 I thought this was absurd. It’s like a doctrine to believe but not to deny.

The Sun and Moon are round

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Sun and moon are round ?

It is also a strange thing if the earth is just flat while other space objects are round? The earth is a giant, it is impossible for us to draw conclusions only with limited research, only using drones, for example, or using rockets that fail.

Earth Dome ?

Once again they said the rocket failed to approach the earth’s dome and only failed to land. Also, the rest of the earth is a wall of ice, America and the global elite guarding it 😀

Okay, I hope I can trust the cause of rockets again. So I believe all the flat-earther arguments, but can they explain this?

Soap bubble is globe not flat

Soap bubbles are round, why not flat? The bubble itself has trapped the air, why isn’t it flat? If vacuum means a lot of pressure from all directions, the earth itself has trapped the air (atmosphere), why isn’t it flat?

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Or if the bubble froze why are the frozen bubbles not flat? Please explain flat-earther? I would love to hear your explanation and want to discuss 😀

What is your choice?

Actually, I prefer the explanation from livescience here because it makes more sense. But it’s up to you which one makes more sense.

So, are you sure the earth is flat or rounded?

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