Why Everyone Is Talking About Explore More Space Than Earth?

If you believe the Earth isn’t flat, let’s explore outer space! or maybe you are wondering why we explore more space when...

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If you believe the Earth isn’t flat, let’s explore outer space! or maybe you are wondering why we explore more space when the earth is completely unexplored?

Movies to Reality

From movies to reality, both fiction and true stories, many movies tell about outer space rather than earth exploration. Even movies about the earth itself are about the end of the world, not exploration.


Movies such as Gravity (2013), Interstellar (2014), The Martian (2015) for example, are about space exploration. There seem to be very few movies about earth exploration.

Did you know Underwater (2020)? The movie is set on Earth in the Mariana trench but it is about seafloor monsters rather than exploration. There are also many alien movies from space.


The Pacific Ocean. Earth is almost covered by an ocean which is still 80% unexplored.

In reality today, we are not far from something like that, we explore more space than the earth itself. Even though the earth itself has a very wide ocean, 80% of which is still unexplored.

And.. it has the deepest point where it is still unknown how many species or whatever occurs in the deep darkness of the seafloor.

The answer I get from several sources is that due to technical limitations we are not able to explore the darkness of the oceans instead of exploring space.

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Regarding space exploration, although the research costs are expensive, the results are very useful for our lives.

Recently, in 2019, scientists managed to get a photo of a black hole that is very far away, although the photo is not very clear, it indicates that we would rather go to space than Earth itself.

I’m sure over time the black hole photo will become clear because we also didn’t know the surface of Pluto or Mars before, but now we can see it clearly.


On earth .. you know movie The Meg (2018)? Yes, it’s also about the deepest point on earth. It’s about research in the Mariana trench.

But how did that happen? Is it true that there is Megalodon the giant shark? Actually, we don’t know, but if you want to experience exploring the Mariana Trench, this film is suitable to watch.

I think that’s not true. There is no Megalodon, I think so. But actually, we still don’t know what’s in the Mariana trench.

Only a fraction of what is currently known, such as marine animals that have their own light, emitting soft or fluorescent light.

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The Darkness of The Deep Sea Floor

The big problem for us exploring the deepest point on earth is the limited visibility on the dark ocean floor.

The water pressure at the bottom of the trench is a crushing eight tons per square inch.

The depths of the oceans are more difficult to explore because of those limitations, and research is expensive but has little impact on our lives.

Mariana Trench and Kola Borehole

So far we are able to explore at 11,034 meters to the deepest point – the bottom of the Mariana Trench, we found some lifeforms and plastic bag.

It’s a shame that at the deepest point of the earth we find plastic waste that commonly used.

Kola Borehole (40.230 feet / 14.500 meters) vs Mariana Trench about 36.201 feet / 11.000 meters
There is actually another deepest point beyond the Mariana trench (11,034 meters deep), a 14,500-meter deep Kola Borehole, in Russia. Click To Tweet

But just the same there is nothing interesting and useful for us, I guess. The only thing that attract the attention of all of us was the deep-sea angler fish in the Mariana Trench.

Space Exploration

And.. let’s look at space exploration. The results of research and development of space technology have many impacts on our lives. For that research, there is a lot of space agencies, such as NASA and ESA.

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Recently, NASA wowed astronomy enthusiasts with the successful launch of the Mars 2020 mission with the new Perseverance Rover.

NASA the next chapter

There is a lot of research on space. For example, we currently plan to explore space until 2030.

NASA plans from September 2013 to Manned Mission to Mars 2030 to carry out other research for our lives or find a new home if the earth “cannot be saved”.

Space Exploration. Image Credit: Mashable

Right now there is also medical research in space that can cure disease and prolong human life, and that experiment cannot be carried out on Earth.

Mars 2020

The latest mission today is the new NASA rover. The Mars Perseverance rover lands on February 18, 2021. After traveling for 7 months, the Perseverance finally landed on Mars.

and based on the foregoing..

Without the space program, we wouldn’t have GPS, accurate weather predictions, solar cells, or ultraviolet filters in sunglasses and cameras.

Because of this, more people talk about space than Earth. But we also have to protect our earth. In addition, space exploration can save our lives.

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