Everything You Need To Know About Free Ebooks On Kindle

Amazon Kindle has a special purpose to make reading more comfortable. But this device has a limitation, the supported book is only...

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Amazon Kindle has a special purpose to make reading more comfortable. But this device has a limitation, the supported book is only in Mobi format, not in ePub which is mostly free. So here’s a simple way to read free ebooks on our Kindle without limitation.

Books during a pandemic

In 2021, the Covid pandemic is not over yet, so more and more countries are still using their means to fight and contain this virus.

More time to read

Reading book on Kindle device

Working from home or WFH can give us more time, as a result, we have many opportunities that we rarely get as usual.

There are many things we can do during the second phase of the pandemic, aka “lockdown part two” (here in Jakarta – Indonesia), such as reading books, reciting the Koran (Al-Quran), or learning new skills.

Kindle device

There is a new, exciting experience when I read an ebook using Kindle. Of course, we can also read ebooks using our smartphones or tablets. But to be honest, I think reading ebooks on Kindle is more comfortable.

All Pdf file, and ebooks in Mobi format can be read on Kindles that use e-Ink technology (including Kindle PaperWhite and Kindle Oasis).

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See the text of the Kindle as well as see it in a printed book. Image credit: theverge

However, we cannot directly open the ebook file in an ePub format which is usually free. So how do we read these free ebooks on our Kindle?

Free Books On Kindle

We can do this in two ways, first by converting the ePub format to Mobi using Calibre software.

And… the second is the easiest way to put books on our Kindle is to do it via email. But there are downsides to this email as we’ll cover next.

To get our Kindle email address, go to using a PC web browser. But you must have an account.

Calibre software

This free software makes it easy for us to create ebooks from Microsoft Word or other word processors. By Converting ePub to Mobi format, we can read it on our kindle device.

We can manage many books in Calibre, and of course, can easily turn it into any other book you want, such as .docx to .mobi format.

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After successfully creating a Mobi-formatted ebook, we can send it to our Kindle using a USB connection to a PC / Mac or Kindle email address.

Send-to-Kindle email

On Kindle device, we can see a special email to save the ebook in the Settings -> All Settings -> Your Account.
My Kindle setting

We can see a Send-to-Kindle email at the bottom of the screen. If we use this e-mail, all ebook formats can be converted automatically to Mobi.

If we use this email for any type of book, it is not a good option, due to the lack of manual editing, the converted book looks horrible.

I mean in some cases, the text is poorly formatted and looks messy. This is the downside that I mean earlier. Actually if we want to see good formatted books from other sources, we should give it some efforts.

So I thought it was the best option to use Calibre first before sending it to Kindle. For more information about Send-to-Kindle, you can refer to this Amazon link.

Get free eBooks

Apart from reading all the premium books from the Amazon Kindle, we can also read books that we download from other sources.

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There are thousands of books out there if you know how to get them and have them ready on our kindle as we discussed earlier.

How to get it?

We can download many free eBooks here. However, I usually use torrents and search for ebooks.

There are thousands of books with no download restrictions, some of which have copyright protection. But I don’t think there is any concern as it is for personal use only

Use VPN proxy

All torrent sites are blocked due to copyright issues. Of course, we must use VPN or free proxy such as AnonymoX to access it 😀 especially here in Indonesia.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Anonymox but I like their easy-to-use feature. They also provide a free version.

Do you have free eBook collections? Or maybe you have purchased the book at Amazon? I once bought a book on Amazon through my kindle and will write another story about it.

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