How To Manage My Amazon Ebooks On Kindle And iPhone Better In Less Time

My Amazon eBooks contain books of my choice, which I couldn’t find anywhere else even in Gramedia bookstore. I have Kindle Oasis...

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My Amazon eBooks contain books of my choice, which I couldn’t find anywhere else even in Gramedia bookstore.

I have Kindle Oasis for over 2 years. Even so, I have a few books. I didn’t buy all the books right away, even though they were interesting and cheap.

I definitely put it on my wishlist first and sometimes after a few days, I delete it because the mood is gone or I got a better kind of book.

Actually, we don’t need to bother arranging a collection of books like printed books because we don’t need a bookshelf or a large space.

All of our collections will sync seamlessly to the Kindle app for Android or iOS on the smartphone if we use the same account.


Amazon bookstore

You will feel like you have a large ebook collection if you have an e-reader, especially since the Kindle design is specifically for ebooks from the Amazon bookstore.

There must be thousands of books and we can buy or borrow them. We can also buy Audible Audiobooks.

Collection on e-Ink

The important thing is all Kindle devices use e-Ink technology so you can feel like reading books on real paper. Also, we can feel and practice digital minimalism with this Kindle.

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There is no pile of books on the table, and I use this device for reading purposes only, with no notifications, no email, and other distractions.

Finding my ebook on kindle is simple, I just point to Home menu on the top left, and all my ebooks are displayed, I can also filter the list to documents easily.

Best Device

It’s not without reason that Kindle is one of the most recommended e-readers. If you googled for “2020’s best e-reader” you’ll likely find two Kindles above it, the Kindle Paperwhite, and the Kindle Oasis.
My Amazon eBooks on Kindle Oasis

It is very lightweight, hands do not hurt when holding Kindle. Carrying it in a bag does not add to the burden on the shoulders.

This is a plus for me who has a tendency to carry a lot of stuff. Kindle’s battery is also durable, it can last 1 week or more if we set it to airplane mode.

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Kindle on iPhone

I use iPhone a lot so all of my book collection syncs automatically on the Kindle App for iOS. I also used Kindle for Android and bought several books from it. Only on Kindle iOS, I can’t buy books directly, maybe there are some policies in the AppStore.

The downside, if we manage books on Kindle apps, we get a lot of distractions like notifications from email or Whatsapp, or other social media.

Of course, we can solve this annoyance with airplane mode or turning off notifications. If you want colorful book covers, give the Kindle app a try.
Kindle app on iOS

The color of the book’s cover looks more vibrant, not like e-Ink, but my eyes are tired of staring at the screen. Managing my Amazon ebook on the Kindle for iOS app is also easy.

For the Kindle android application, we can buy books directly through the application. Only on iOS, we can’t buy books from the app.

My Collections

Amazon’s cloud system manages my books seamlessly between device and smartphone. So I never worried about losing my books.
My Amazon eBooks

I bought these books with more on the history of the Second World War (WW2), psychology, and self-improvement. One book was my classic so I didn’t keep the print version and found the original on Amazon.

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The missing book

This book is missing and i am looking for the latest printed version but can’t find it. Finally I looked for the digital version, but I couldn’t find it either. There was only the original version and I ended up buying it on Amazon.
This book is missing. Image from google.

My Indonesian version of the printed book is missing, it’s about emotional intelligence, so I bought it from Amazon. But now everything can fit in one Kindle device or application. Very simple and practical, suitable for those of you who apply digital minimalism.
The original version of my lost book

It is an honor to be able to buy the original book in English and read it again on Kindle. (*overrated 😆

Do you also have Amazon eBooks collection or maybe have one from another bookstore?

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