JioFi Modem Checking Balance Without Myjio App Tips You Need To Learn Now

Jiofi modem, 4G only portable wireless modem, has some features and software to check balance, but none of those suitable for me....

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Jiofi modem, 4G only portable wireless modem, has some features and software to check balance, but none of those suitable for me.

At first, why I choose JioFi to replace my broken modem? Hmm.. the last modem has a bloated battery and cannot be repaired.

I decided to search some portables modem and read all its reviews, I put my choice to JioFi due to its design simplicity and can work without a battery.

JioFi JMR540 Black

There are also many variations of JioFi, I chose JMR540 because of its design and there are only 3 indicators and most importantly this is the latest version at this time. So that it looks more attractive.

JioFi 3 (JMR540) Black

The design is okay and could use direct power from an outlet. The only issue for me is how to check or top-up my balance?

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There are many on Google, but in my opinion, it is not easy and a little complicated, and as far as I know there is no Jio service provider in Indonesia. Maybe MyJio App is exclusive to India only 😀

So here is the easy way…

Checking Data Balance

First, of course, we have to choose a service provider that suits our needs and budget and currently I choose Smartfren.

I use smartfren for a data plan, and of course, a new number to register. After success activating this number, I installed MySmartfren App and login with it.

After that, I moved this number into JioFi, and choose tethering wifi from JioFi modem. Now I can check the balance from this app even though the number is in JioFi.

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Connecting to JioFi

That’s all … the balances and top-ups can be done via its App. I am sure you can do the same for other providers such as XL, Axis, Telkomsel, or Indosat.

You need to install their related application and connect to JioFi via tethering. Don’t forget to register the number on your cellphone first as we discussed earlier.

Another Country?

So what are the service providers in your country? Just search the Play Store for the related app and connect your Jiofi using the steps above.

Be aware this JioFi has a back cover, when the back cover is tight it is very difficult to open it again. Need some effort and tools.

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How about you? Did you have any issue with a Jiofi modem?

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